our mission

Building long term, life changing relationships with New England’s urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their communities.

make an impact

our seven core beliefs

  1. We believe that EVERY CHILD is of great worth and has the desire and potential to succeed.
  2. We believe that LONG-TERM, 24/7 RELATIONSHIPS with caring adults have proven positive outcomes in the lives of our urban youth.
  3. We believe that a HOLISTIC approach is essential for a strong and healthy future for our youth.
  4. We believe that TEACHER-MENTORS WHO COME FROM SIMILAR BACKGROUNDS as the students can have a positive influence and make all the difference.
  5. We believe that the SERVANT LEADERSHIP, creating a culture of selflessness and service, is the foundation for leadership.
  6. We believe in the intrinsic DIGNITY of every person and act accordingly.
  7. We believe that COLLABORATION yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work in our urban centers cannot be done single handedly.

a bold take on education

our team

Rhea Gordon

Rhea Gordon
Executive Director


Roeuth Lan
Adventure Coordinator & Teacher-Mentor

Kendra Gordon
Pipeline Coordinator & Social Emotional Coach

Ray Carrasco

Daniel Saigbah

Kevin Destin

Eli Casado
Pipeline Coordinator

Gilbert Carreras

Liz Passamonte

Elizabeth Cheung
Program Manager

Edmire Kabia
Teacher-Mentor in Training

Amia Simari
Teacher-Mentor in Training

Karina Sanchez

Melissa Cruz
Data Impact Coordinator

Sovanny K. Theng
Graphic Designer

Demitria Peau
Teacher-Mentor in Training

Stephanie Gonzales

Hannah Caforio

Jordan Bonville

Nimol San
Family Pathways Coordinator

Joseph Casado
Transportation Coordinator

our board

Rhea Gordon

Jim Pocock

Rhea Gordon

Rhea Gordon
Executive Director

Rhea Gordon

Theresa Littauer

Aaron Jennings
Board Member

Rhea Gordon

Carolyn Breen
Board Member

Rhea Gordon

Tom Colatosti
Board Member

Ed Faruolo
Board Member

Jim Westra
Board Member

Chris O’Connell
Board Member

Wen Sailer
Board Member

our Corporate Supporters

advisory Board

Greg Herrema
Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow, Senior Vice President, Thermo Fisher Scientific (retired)

Tom Shields
Entrepreneur and Serial CEO

Mitch Breen
Chief Revenue Officer, Infoblox, Inc.

Mike Ahearn
Church Administrator, Park Street Church, Boston

Rev. Dr. Cecilio Hernandez
Professor, Northpoint College and Seminary; Founder and President, Fortaleza

Mark Wambolt
Director of Sales, Eventide Asset Management