Programs for At Risk Youth in Lawrence

At Elevate New England, we are dedicated to empowering at-risk youth in Lawrence through a range of impactful programs. By building long-term, life-changing relationships with New England’s urban youth, we work to equip them to thrive and contribute to their communities. Our approach is designed to break the cycle of generational poverty and equip students with the skills and support they need to prosper.

The Need for Change in Education for Urban Youth

Urban youth in Lawrence encounter significant challenges that can hinder their academic success and personal development. Limited resources, inadequate support systems, and a lack of positive role models create barriers that these young individuals must navigate on a daily basis. To break this cycle of adversity, there is an urgent need for programs that not only address these issues but also provide the essential support and guidance these students need to thrive and succeed. Elevate New England’s initiatives are specifically designed to fill this critical gap, offering hope, opportunity, and a pathway to a brighter future for the youth of Lawrence.

About Elevate New England

Elevate New England was formed in 2016 with the mission of building long-term, life-changing relationships with New ENgland’s urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their communities. Over the past eight years, we have grown to serve over 1,700 youth per year in Lowell and Lawrence, MA. We are the only non-profit organization that teaches accredited classes in our public schools. Our program combines in-school classes on character formation, life skills, and leadership with long-term mentoring by our staff members.

Our Approach to Helping Urban Youth Needing Guidance

At Elevate New England, we are dedicated to building resilience and independence in the youth we serve. We believe in the transformative power of caring relationships and mentorship to help young people reach their full potential. Through our programs, we foster character and success, instilling a growth and opportunity mindset. By providing students with the skills and support they need to thrive in school, career, and life.

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Our Programs We Provide Local Youth in Need

We offer a variety of programs to help at-risk youth in Lawrence. Each program is designed to support different areas of development, making sure our students get the help they need to succeed.

Teacher/Student Mentor Programs

Our Teacher-Mentors are much more than educators; they are mentors and life coaches. Selected from within the communities we serve, they understand and empathize with the students they work with. Accessible round the clock, our Teacher-Mentors forge robust, long-term relationships with students, supporting them from 3rd grade through high school and beyond.

Adventure Outdoor Programs

We believe in pushing students to build confidence by exploring life beyond their comfort zones. Through activities like hiking, rock climbing, and biking, students develop teamwork, leadership skills, and grit. These new and challenging experiences help students grow and succeed.

Character Education & Life Skills Programs

Our accredited classes focus on character formation, life skills, and leadership. Taught in public schools, these classes align with Common Core State Standards. Through group activities and discussions, students build important qualities and skills for life.

Workforce Development Programs

We prepare students for the workforce by teaching job interview skills, helping with resume writing, and offering volunteer opportunities. These programs give students the tools they need to succeed in their future careers.

College Preparation Programs

We help students explore and prepare for college by offering guidance on college visits, applications, scholarships, and financial aid. Our goal is to make higher education accessible and achievable for all our students.

The Impact of Our Program

Elevate New England makes a real difference in the lives of urban youth in Lawrence. For students in our program for three semesters or more, we have a 98% high school graduation rate. This compares to 78% for the high schools we are in, 90% for all of Massachusetts, and 53% for the nation’s 50 largest urban school districts. Our programs improve academic performance, student behavior, and school attendance.

Elevating Education in LAwrence & Lowell: our partner Schools

At Elevate New England, we’re proud to partner with local schools in Lowell & Lawrence to bring our life-changing programs directly to students. By integrating our programs into our local school system, we’re empowering students with essential life skills and character development, helping them succeed academically and beyond.

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Lawrence High School

Lowell High School

Robinson Middle School

Butler Middle School

Bartlett Middle School

Stocklosa Middle School

Sullivan Middle School

STEM Academy

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We Are Local to Lawrence, MA

We work to create opportunities for local high schoolers and middle schoolers in the local area who can use additional guidiance & support in their lives.

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